How to Reverse Sear a Steak on a Pellet Grill

reverse seared steak

The only method of smoking steaks for many people is to slap them on the pan and sear the life out of them. They do this until the outsides have that crusty caramel look, then finish the steak on the pellet grill. The products of this method usually have a sort of gradient to them. They go from crusty and brown to a very pink color on the inside.

Yes, Once in a while, you’ll get the perfect steak. One that is crusty on the outside and a perfect medium-rare in the center. But that is more of an exception than the norm. For more consistent results, this traditional method won’t cut it. You’ll be better off learning how to reverse sear a steak. Many BBQ experts are turning to this method, and you shouldn’t be left out. This article will show you how to reverse sear a steak and the benefits of a reverse seared steak.

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    What is reverse searing?

    When grilling, we aim for a caramelized crust —this is for the flavor. And a medium-rare on the inside to trap the smoke. The reverse searing method of grilling steak on a pellet grill is a method that gives the best of both worlds consistently. It involves cooking the steak on low heat before searing it in a pan.

    Reverse seared steaks have an evenly cooked interior thanks to the low heat. And the smoking steaks still have their sear. This method helps you control your grilling instead of playing it by ear traditionally. Everyone wants to learn how to reverse sear a steak, and a taste of a reverse seared steak will tell you why.


    Benefits of the reverse searing method

    You already know a few of the benefits from all we’ve said earlier. We’ll still list them out here for you.

    • The meat has a consistent color:

      Do not cut into a smoking steak from your pellet grill and see a gradient.  This will cause the meet to bleed out; use your meat thermometer for best results. You get the perfect amount of ‘doneness’ that you need. Are you looking for medium-rare? You’ve got it all through. What about well done? The entire steak is done well.

    steak temperature chart
    • More consistent results: There’s always one person whose steaks are the best at a cookout. No matter what happens, you can be sure that their steak will taste great. That can be you.

    You can always trust the outcome when you know how to reverse sear a steak. Your grilling doesn’t have to be a gamble.

    • Easier to learn: Our reverse sear steak recipe is easy to follow, and reverse searing is easier to master. You don’t have to rely on your instincts to tell you when the steak is ‘just right’ like the traditional method. It is all straightforward here.

    Everything becomes easier if you have an automatic pellet grill with proportional integral derivative (PID) control. Top that off with Wi-Fi control, and you don’t even have to be in the room to make the perfect smoking steak.

    The benefits of reverse searing a steak are numerous, but there is one notable con. Reverse searing takes more time than the regular method. However, we see that as a fair trade. What is a few more minutes for that assurance that the steak would be perfect? However, if you are in a hurry, the sear-first method might be your choice. In that case, we wish you good luck. But if the time is not an issue, we’ll show you how to reverse sear a steak for the best results.

    How to reverse sear steaks

    Master grillers and BBQ experts have been reverse searing steaks on pellet grills for reliable results. However, anyone can learn this method. And our reverse sear steak recipe at Z Grills is quite easy to follow.

    Let’s show you how to reverse sear a steak.

    • Choose Your Meat

    The ideal steaks for this method have to be thick (1.5 inches or more). This is because thinner steaks would cook too quickly and get overdone. Those would be better off with the traditional method.

    • Season It

    Season both sides of the meat with your spices. We recommend dried thyme, ground ancho chile pepper, some garlic powder, and black pepper for seasoning. However, you are free to explore and find your unique spice combinations.

    It would help if you were preheating your grill or oven to 225°F while seasoning. Also, begin heating your searing pan if that’s what you’ll use.

    • Cook The Steak

    When your grill or oven is hot enough, stick the meat in. Let the meat cook till it is about 90-105°F, depending on how you want your steak.

    Searing will still cook the meat, so you shouldn’t let it get done on the grill. Check out our article on steak internal temperatures here.

    • Now, Sear

    You can baste the steak with a tablespoon of butter and some olive oil before you begin searing. That will add some flavor and give a nice brown color to your meat.

    Sear one side for about forty-five seconds, then flip and repeat. Do this till you get to your desired temperature.

    • Then Let It Rest.

    Resting allows your steak juices to redistribute, so you don’t lose everything when you cut into the meat.

    Once you’ve let the steak rest for five to ten minutes, you can enjoy it.

    Now, This is how to reverse sear a steak. You can thank us later.

    What kind of steak is best to use?

    The best meats for reverse seared steak would be top sirloin, ribeye, or a NY strip. Tenderloin and T-bone steaks would also do the trick. If you are careful, you can also do a reverse sear filet mignon.

    best steak

    Final Thoughts

    Reverse searing is a grilling method that anyone can master. With the right tools, a powerful grill, and our top-notch recipe, your meat will be spectacular. At Z Grills, we aim to give you the best-tasting beef with as little stress as possible. That is why we’ve come up with our Wi-Fi-enabled Multitasker 11002B pellet grill.

    With its PID controller and connection to the Z Grills app, you can cook the best steaks from anywhere. The high capacity and automatic processes make it the best choice for big cookouts. But if you’re looking for something smaller, we also have the Z Grills 600 series. These reasonably-priced pellet grills with PID control will give you the best for your family usage.

    Order from us, and it will arrive at your doorstep in 3-8 business days. Now that you know how to reverse sear a steak, you should get grilling as soon as possible. Check us out for your best BBQ tools. You’ll love what we have in stock.

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