13 Must-Have Pellet Grill Accessories for Your Backyard

If you’ve fallen in love with your pellet grill, then you’re likely looking for the right accessories to take your backyard grilling time just that little bit better. Sure, you can get by with kitchen tools, but if you want to feel like a grilling master and make your life easier to boot, then you need these must-have accessories in your life.

So, whether you’re looking for the right accessories to pair with your pellet grill or the best gift for the griller in your family, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into the 13 must-have pellet grill accessories for your backyard.

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    Top 3 Accessoires for Preparation

    Stainless Steel Work Table

    If you want to feel like a serious chef, you need a stainless steel work table. It will take your kitchen, patio, or deck and turn it into a professional kitchen. It looks great, but the key benefit is it gives you a mobile and durable work surface that’s easy to keep clean. There’s an additional galvanized undershelf which gives you plenty of additional storage space and is a great place to hold your ingredients when you’re cooking and preparing your meat or assembling your meals.

    Bamboo Cutting Board

    You can often tell who is a serious cook (and who’s not!) just by looking at their cutting boards! People who take food preparation seriously all have quality cutting boards, so if you’re still using something that’s looking a little worse for wear or a plastic cutting board, it’s time to upgrade. Bamboo is an extremely durable and sustainable material yet is soft enough to keep your knife blades in top condition. Our bamboo cutting board features drip trenches to capture excess moisture from your meat, fruits, and veggies and looks the part in any kitchen.

    Artisan Knife Bundle

    If you’ve ever owned a premium knife, you’ll know the ease and precision they offer, so if you’ve been making do with budget sets, it’s time to upgrade! Our Artisan Knife Bundle is a great place to start as it includes every tool you need for optimum preparation – a brisket knife, two boning knives, a chef’s knife, and an ultra-fine cut sharpening steel. These knives are made to last with high-quality stainless steel, so take care of them, and they’ll definitely take care of you!

    Now you can also buy the knife bundle and get the cutting board for free with the Beef it Up Tool Set. Don’t miss out.

    2 Must-Have Accessories for Using Your Pellet Grill in Winter

    Pellet Grill Rain Cover

    You can continue to use your pellet grill year-round, but whether you choose to use it weekly or every once in a while through the winter, you need to look after your grill to keep it in top condition. Your first port of call should be a well-fitting rain cover. You don’t want to make do with a tarp or anything else that doesn’t fit properly – invest in a rain cover to keep it dry and protected from intense sun, rain, sleet, and snow.

    Grill Thermal Blanket

    If you live anywhere where the temperatures fall significantly in the winter, then your pellet grill could do with just a little help to stay efficient while smoking your food in the depths of winter. Our thermal blanket is fire-resistant, waterproof, and dust-proof and will help keep your grill at a stable temperature, whether it’s icy out or there’s snow on the ground. The thermal blanket attaches it securely to our pellet grills to save your pellets and give you more consistent cooking temperatures.


    5 Essential Cooking Tools for Optimum Grilling

    BBQ Tool Kit

    Get our BBQ tool kit for mess-free grilling every time. This tool kit includes 10 non-stick grilling mats for cooking small or thin food, such as mushrooms, sliced peppers, and bacon. It also includes 2 stainless steel egg beaters for whipping eggs and a cleaning brush with a built-in scraper to make post-grilling clean-up a breeze.

    BBQ Gloves

    Things can get pretty hot around your pellet grill, so make sure you’ve got the right tools to keep you protected. Most oven gloves we use in the kitchen aren’t well suited for grilling purposes, so we created our heat-resistant BBQ gloves to give you the ultimate protection. Our BBQ gloves resist up to 1472F and have anti-slip silicone grips to ensure you keep hold of your tools, pots, pans, and anything else you’re moving.

    Cast Iron Grill Press

    Do you like your meats on the lean side? If so, you need a cast iron grill press in your life. It’s simply a large hand-held cast iron grill that you press on top of your meats as they cook on your pellet grill and it will add aesthetically pleasing grill lines, squeeze out unwanted or excess fats, flatten things like burgers so they cook faster, and weigh down bacon so it doesn’t curl up. You can also use it for paninis and grilled sandwiches – it’s such a versatile tool and a must-have in your tool kit.

    Basting Brushes

    If you haven’t yet got a pair of basting brushes for marinating your food and adding glazes, it’s time to get some. Our basting brushes ensure all of your sauce is evenly spread both before you cook, and during. Our silicone bristles are heat-resistant, so get the ultimate flavor every time.

    Grill Thermometer

    We all know that the success of your smoking comes down to your temperature, so make sure you’re cooking your meals to the perfect degree. Our Smart Wireless BBQ thermometer is the best solution out there – you can insert probes into your cuts and monitor the temperature through the display and your app. It will then alert you when your food has reached the perfect, cooked-through temperature.

    3 Essential Grill Accessories that Make it Easier to Clean Your Pellet Grill Foil Bucket Liners

    Why use a drip tray or bucket that you also have to clean when you can use a disposable foil bucket liner? This is the ultimate hack for fast after-grilling clean-up.

    Just insert the foil liners to the grease bucket and throw them in the trash when they get full, or when you’re done for the day. These foil bucket liners work with all models except the 600 series.

    Grill Cleaning Brush

    We’re all happy to do the preparation, love doing the grilling, but no one likes doing the clean-up afterward. Until someone invents self-cleaning ovens and grills (we can dream!), we have to do it ourselves, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard! The right grill cleaning brush will make the process much easier and faster to do, especially if you don’t put it off for too long. Our bristle-free grill cleaning brush makes it easy, fast, and won’t leave you with broken bristles that get into your food in the future. (Yuck.)

    BBQ Grill Scraper

    Sick of struggling with tough, dried-on debris? If so, you need our BBQ grill scraper. It’s designed to work with almost every grill grate you may have and will clean any grill, whether it’s your pellet grill or an electric grill. It’s such a simple and effective tool, you’ll wonder how you survived without it.

    With these 13 accessories, you’ll be prepared for every recipe, at any time, with easy clean-up! Have you got all the accessories on the list? If not, now is the time to gift yourself (or your loved one) exactly what you need to take your grilling to the next level.

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