Smoking Meat Times and Temperatures Chart

Pellet smokers can allow you to prepare a variety of different meats with delicious results right at home. However, you need to know the right temperature and duration of time to cook these meats. In this article, we will cover the basics of preparing popular meat types in smokers.

smoking meat times and temperatures chart

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    Beef Smoking Times and Temperatures

    Smoked Beef Pot Roast As a Slicer

    Beef comes in many different forms, with several delicious options for you to enjoy. As a smoker, you will want to cook your meat so that the outside is well-cooked and delicious while the inside remains juicy. Be sure to season your beef for the best results, and always remember that smoked meat temperatures can vary!

    Beef Smoking Times and Temperatures

    Pork Smoking Times and Temperatures

    Grilled Pork Loin Chops

    Pork is a wonderful addition to any meal, but it can come with some nuances when cooking. Unlike some other meats, pork must be cooked completely to be safe. Be sure that your pork reaches the appropriate internal temperature, and always place your thermometer in the thickest part of the meat.

    Pork Smoking Times and Temperatures

    Lamb Smoking Times and Temperatures

    grilled rack of lamb

    Lamb is savory meat that is prepared all around the world with amazing results. In most cases, lamb is cooked between medium rare and medium to preserve its delicious flavor, so don’t overcook your lamb.

    Lamb Smoking Times and Temperatures

    Poultry Smoking Times and Temperatures


    Poultry comes in many forms, each with its own tasty flavor. Like pork, poultry must be cooked in order to be safe to eat. Avoid overcooking so that you can enjoy juicy poultry year-round!

    Poultry Smoking Times and Temperatures

    Fish and Seafood Smoking Times and Temperatures

    Lemon Grilled Salmon

    Seafood is an exciting meal option that can add a touch of class to any table. However, there are many different types of seafood, each with its own needs. Be sure to always cook your seafood thoroughly to ensure that it is safe to eat—and don’t hesitate to try different kinds!

    Fish and Seafood Smoking Times and Temperatures

    How to Accurately Measure Meat Temperatures

    Though a temperature and general time estimate will help you to get a good gauge on how long to cook certain meats, it is not a guarantee. Ensure that your meat is cooked to perfection using our Smart Wireless BBQ Thermometer to check on your meat from anywhere!

    best meat thermometer

    Many Factors Can Influence the Smoking Time

    When cooking meat, many different factors can influence the smoking time, even when using the same smoked meat temperature. However, the biggest consideration will always be the size of the meat and its general thickness. These guidelines can act as an estimate, but you must check the internal temperature to be sure that your meat is prepared the correct way.


    The best way to smoke any meat to perfection is to use a reliable smoker, like the Z Grills pellet smoker. To learn more about recipes when smoking meat, or to find delicious side dishes to accompany your meal, explore our collections today!

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