Cowboy Steak Nachos

Don't waste those leftover ribeye steaks! This loaded cowboy nachos recipe is a delicious way to use them up.
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 20 minutes


  • Z Grills 700D4E wifi pellet grill
  • Z Grills cherry pellets


  • Cheeses


    Med Cheddar

      Extra Sharp Cheddar

        Grate all cheeses fresh!

        • Tortilla (not the thin ones)
        • Ribeye steaks
        • 1-2 tomato diced
        • 1 white onion diced
        • 1 can black beans(drained)
        • 3-5 tablespoon jalapeno diced(seeds removed)
        • Parsley for color
        • Blue cheese optional


        • Season up your steaks and allow them to come up to room temperature
        • Fire up your z grills and add a cast iron skillet
        • Set temp on the grill as high as possible(450+)
        • One your skillet and grill are super hot, add oil and add your steaks
        • Sear off 3-4 min.. after another 2-3 minutes or when your desired temperature is reached remove to a cool plate to rest.
        • Build your nachos in a grill or oven proof layer some tortilla in…from there add your favorite toppings
        • Onions, beans, tomatoes, jalapeno, cheese…then add some steak(cut bite size no fat)At this point add another layer of nachos and repeat the process. Onions, beans, tomatoes, jalapeno, cheese…
          pro-tip… add any drippings from the steak and use lots of goodies!
        • At 400+ add your nachos back in the pit. Once everything is melted remove and serve. Approximately 15 minutes!
        • Finish off with your favorite toppings. I used sour cream.
        • These are absolutely incredible!!!


        Don’t waste those leftover ribeye steaks! This loaded cowboy nachos recipe is a delicious way to use them up.
        Cost: 22
        Course: Appetizer
        Cuisine: American
        Keyword: BBQ, Smoked, Steak

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