10 Unique Housewarming Gifts for BBQ Lovers

Moving into a new place means making it feel like home, and nothing says home quite like the smell of homemade barbecue. Give the BBQ lover everything they need to make the perfect BBQ throughout the year with these must-have essentials!

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    Z Grills 700D4E Wood Pellet Grill

    This cutting-edge pellet grill and smoker offer exceptional control while you barbecue by allowing you to effortlessly manage the temperature. Built with precision in mind, this grill offers PID technology and superior twin-wall construction to keep the internal temperature exactly where you want it. If you are looking to spoil someone who loves barbecue–or just want someone around who can make delicious smoked foods–this is a great gift that they will enjoy for years!

    zgrills 700d4e pellet grill

    Z Grills Fuel Your Hunger Wood Pellets Set

    Offering six bags of delicious wood pellets, this mix of aromas is ideal for turning a standard meal into something that will have people raving. Providing a great combination of two pellet types so your chef can experiment with different flavors, these pellets are perfect for supporting countless meals. With 120 pounds of pellets, they will be all set!

    z grills wood pellets

    Wireless BBQ Thermometer

    A good wireless BBQ thermometer is worth its weight in gold. With this wireless thermometer, anyone can check the temperature of what is cooking from afar. Instead of rushing over during commercials to see how it is all coming along, they can just look at an app on their phone!

    smart wireless bbq thermometer

    Grilling Tool Set

    With this 4-piece set, you really cannot go wrong. It offers all of the essential tools for grilling that a person could ever need. Whether your friend or relative is in need of a new set or just wants a new one to go with their new home, this is a perfect match.

    4-Pack Grilling Tool Set

    Hexagon Tube Smoker

    Smoking has never been easier than with this hexagon tube smoker. Your grillmaster can enjoy making delicious smoked food with minimal work using this simple and easy-to-clean accessory. It is yet another way to get more flavor into food!

    Hexagon Tube Smoker

    Cast Iron Grill Press

    Everyone who loves grilling loves precision grill marks on their food, but they aren’t always that easy to make–until now. With this cast iron grill press, you give the power of making perfect grill marks on any surface in the grill. Easy to use and easy to clean, this is a great tool for those who love grilling.

    Cast Iron Grill Press

    Grill Cleaning Brush & Scraper

    Although grilling is fun and makes excellent food, it can get messy. If someone wants to keep a grill nice so they can keep making more food, they have to keep it clean. With this tool, you can give the gift of easy grill cleaning to simplify the process for the grillmaster in your life


    Cast Iron Skillets

    Cast iron skillets have many uses, and people who love grilling are using them more and more. With this incredible cast iron skillet, you can give premium quality and help anyone to put that perfect final finish on a meal. After they are all settled into their home, they will be glad to be able to use this whether they are grilling lamb chops or just making pancakes in the morning.

    casr iron skillets

    Grill Mat

    Grilling is a process that takes a lot of moving, and when you move, you can easily make a mess. With this grill mat, you can help your loved one protect their home. Designed to fit underneath a grill, it offers superior protection against grease stains, dropped food, spilled water, and messy sauces. It is a gift that keeps on giving every time they use it.


    Z Grills Gift Card

    Do you want to give them something, but you aren’t sure what to get? Why not let them decide for themselves? With a Z Grills gift card, they can easily invest in what they need to complete their grill experience. From contributing to a new grill all the way to stocking up on accessories, this gift card can make it easy for them to get exactly what they want. Sometimes, it is better just to let someone pick out their own grilling gifts.

    Gift Cards

    Essential Barbecue & Grilling Books

    Does the grillmaster you know already have it all? Give them the final thing they might need–inspiration. With these books on grilling, they can learn from professionals and make even more amazing food!

    The Best Grilling Cookbook Ever Written by Two Idiots

    This amusing cookbook operates with the belief that any food can be made better when you cook it on a grill–and they sure do it. In this book, anyone can learn how to make delicious meals that everyone will love.

    the best grilling book

    The Ultimate Book of Grilling: Recipes, Tips, and Tricks for Easy Outdoor Cooking

    Packed full of information that is easy to follow, this fun book on grilling has it all. Whether they want to sharpen up their core knowledge or learn how to get the perfect flavor, they can find it in this book.

    the ultimate book of grilling

    Top Secret Cooking Hacks to Effortlessly Become Your Family’s Favorite Chef

    Is the person you know striving to take on the coveted role of their family’s favorite chef? This is the perfect outdoor housewarming gift for them. Full of information on the practice of cooking, there is always something new to learn.

    the ultimate cooking book

    Cool Smoke: The Art of Great Barbecue

    Smoked food is some of the best there is, and this helpful guide brings a wealth of knowledge together in one place. With each new page, your loved one will learn about how to smoke food the right way–and the benefits that come with it.

    cool smoke

    How to Grill Everything: A Grilling BBQ Cookbook

    From appetizers to full-on meals and more, this grilling cookbook explores the principles of grilling and how to do it right. On these pages, there is a recipe for every palette, giving plenty to explore and have fun with. It is one of those useful housewarming gifts that they will turn to again and again!

    how to grill everything 1


    There are plenty of ways to spoil someone who loves grilling after a move. With any of these gifts, you can help them to make their home feel like a home starting on their first night. For more inspiration on grilling gift ideas, visit Z Grills and explore everything we have to offer for aspiring grillmasters and professionals alike!

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