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Maple Chili Pulled Pork Shoulder

The maple chili pulled pork shoulder recipe is delicious and easy, you'll love it.
Servings 8
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 10 hours
Total Time 10 hours 15 minutes


  • Z Grills Smoker Grill
  • Z Grills Apple BBQ Pellets


  • 8 lb. Bone-in Pork Shoulder
  • Maple Chili Rub
  • Maple Sugar
  • Kosher Salt
  • Fresh Ground Black Pepper
  • Roasted Garlic Powder
  • Onion Powder
  • Cumin
  • Chipotle Powder
  • Chili Powder
  • Cinnamon Powder


  • Set the smoker to 225°F, with lid closed. Let it preheat for 20 minutes. We recommend using apple wood pellets for this dish. They will impart a slightly sweeter smoke that goes great with the rub.
  • Combine dry rub ingredients in a bowl.
  • Trim excess fat from the pork shoulder, score fat with a sharp knife (only slice about 1/8" into pork), then cover it with the dry rub. Reserve some dry rub to be sprinkled on the meat after it has been shredded.
  • Place the pork onto the smoker.
  • Place the pork onto the smoker. Smoke the pork until the internal temperature reaches 203°F (about 10 hours). You can wrap it in butcher paper once it reaches 160°F if you want to speed up the cooking time (your final bark won't be as good though).
  • Once the pork reaches 203°F, remove it from the smoker then wrap it tightly in aluminum foil. Place wrapped pork into a cooler for 1 hour.
  • After 1 hour, remove the pork from the foil and pull out the bones, using 2 forks to shred the pork to your desired consistency.
  • Sprinkle leftover dry rub onto the pork and toss to coat.
  • Enjoy!
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Pork, Smoked