Scam Alert: Fake Z Grills Accounts on Social Media

Recently, we have noticed increased complaints concerning fake websites and cloned social media accounts posting as Z Grills from lookalike pages. Heads-up! No matter how many pictures they got on such pages or how many attractive deals they offer, the moment you are sent a DM asking for money. Runnnnnn!

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    ZGRILLS.COM Is Our One And Only Website in the USA

    Any information about Z Grills giveaways will be announced only by our official account. If you want to enter future giveaways or stay in the know, please double-check the address bar. We also listed our REAL social media accounts here to make sure you followed the right one.

    Look for verification symbols!

    z grills

    Please Be Careful of Fake Z Grills Pages!

    Beware of fake Z Grills pages which sell products that are selling way below our prices, and those pages include scam content and stolen intellectual property. Once you order the product and you will never receive it! We take personal information security very seriously and ask that you also be wary in order to prevent fraud. As a precaution, always confirm the website’s URL before browsing or entering payment information. If you think you’re a victim of a scam, please contact your bank and report it immediately to your state consumer protection office.

    Avoid Scam Giveaways, Contest, and Survey

    Criminals sometimes offer exclusive discounts and freebies to bring their business to a particular venue or offer some incentive in exchange for completing an investigation. These scams are used to obtain your social media account information or to collect personal information, which is ultimately used for nefarious purposes. A clear sign of the problem is that the survey, contest, or giveaway is only advertised via social media posts. They rarely appear on a company website or page of the party associated with the award. Don’t fall prey to these scams – please don’t spread them by sharing such posts with others.

    Tips for Avoiding Scams

    • Never click on links sent to you on Instagram and Facebook messages and treat every link with suspicion.     
    • Watch out for fake giveaways, double-check the accounts, and take time to verify the sellers online.               
    • Never provide bank or card details on Instagram. If you win a contest, we will only require your contact information.
    • Keep personal information personal, and don’t share specific location data.
    • Report any fake accounts you find.

    Report A Scam Today!

    Report Scams and Frauds | USAGov

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

    How do I avoid scams on Instagram?

    How do I report a seller or product I see on Instagram?

    Avoid Spam and Scams on Facebook

    How do I report a fake Facebook profile?


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    Fake z grills
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    1. Tommy Farrar says:

      I had a similar deal happen to me, but it was for Green Mountain Grills. I always try to be so careful, but
      I guess I just let my guard down. At least I used Pay Pal and they got my money back for me.
      They even made it look like it was delivered by one of the brown trucks.
      I got my ZGrill today and have already put it together.

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